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Chinese Herbal Medicine in Oxford

Chinese herbal medicine draws upon thousands of years of knowledge and experience as well as thousands of herbs.  Thus it is a powerful and robust system and can be applied to a wide variety of conditions.

I have been using Chinese medicine alongside acupuncture or as a stand alone treatment for many years now and have found it to be very useful for a variety of situations; particularly in boosting the digestive energy, calming and relaxing the mind and improving wellbeing and overall energy. It can be a very useful addition in protracted cases, where responses to acupuncture alone are not as strong as desired.

Unfortunately I am unable to make any claims to efficacy for specific conditions due to advertising laws. Though I am happy to discuss individual cases over the phone and give the best advice I can offer.

Combining Chinese herbal medicine with dietary and lifestyle changes makes it even more effective.

Chinese herbal medicine oxford

“Within a couple of weeks my loose bowels have dramatically improved. Also my energy, clarity and sleep have improved. I worry less and am more able to deal with stress. Thank you!”


“I could dig all day without tiring!” [Client was suffering with chronic fatigue]


“My dizziness has reduced and my concentration has improved.”


“Chinese herbal medicine in combination with dietary changes has cured my psoriasis, which I had been suffering with for nearly 5 years. As a result my self-confidence has been boosted. It also reduced my anxiety, stress and depressive feelings and has given me more energy and clarity. It has changed my life.”


“I got in touch with Joe to help with my libido, which had been low for a few months. I was also under quite a bit of stress, which was affecting my sleep. The herbs really helped to boost my physical, mental and sexual energy and stress does not affect me as much.”



How do I take the herbs?2017-01-08T18:29:32+00:00

There herbs come in a powdered, concentrated form. Therefore, all you have to do is add them to boiling water and drink them.

The dose is usually one teaspoon, twice a day.

How does it taste?2017-01-09T09:47:06+00:00

The taste varies depending upon which herbs are used. Tonic herbs that boost the system are sweet. Herbs that are meant to break up stagnation are sour. Whereas, herbs that are to clear heat and inflammation tend to be bitter. These herbs tend to be less pleasant to drink. However, I have found that although my tongue may not enjoy them my body does.

How long till I feel better?2017-01-09T09:53:40+00:00

This depends totally on the client, their constitution, the condition and how long it has been going on for. Generally speaking more recent, acute issues are quite easy to resolve and tend to take a few weeks. Chronic, conditions tend to take a few months.

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