carbon positive acupuncture

My commitments to you

As a practitioner

  • I commit to offering the highest quality service that I possibly can.
  • I will stay abreast of current research, and share as much as possible on my blog.
  • To the best of my ability, I will be available to answer questions or concerns you may have between sessions.
  • I will continue to be a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and will abide by their codes of conduct and safe practice.
  • I will continue my professional development to the best of my ability and in line with the BAcC’s guidelines.
  • My aim is to benefit the community in the long term.  I will not engage in any short-term profiteering.

As a business

  • I commit to fairness, including fair prices, in all my business endeavours.
  • I will not try to sell you products that would be of no use to you, or that I would not take myself or recommend to my family.
  • If the treatment is not working for you, I will end it, and I will reduce the regularity of sessions as soon as your condition has stabilised.
  • If you have a low level of disposable income I will do my best to make my services accessible.
  • My suppliers are as local, ethical and sustainable as I am able to achieve, they include:
    • Balance Healthcare who are based in Chipping Norton and partnered with The Journal Of Chinese Medicine.  They provide my medical supplies, and they commit to sourcing the best herbal products available.  Neither they nor I use any animal or endangered herbal products.
    • Eco Web Hosting who are based in Cambridge and supply my domain and website hosting.  They are a 100% carbon neutral company and employ a variety of measures to achieve this commitment.

As an individual

  • As an individual, I recognise that I am part of the local community.  I do my best to minimise my negative impacts and maximise my positive impacts in the short and long term.
  • I also recognise that I am part of the wider, natural community and try to minimise my environmental footprint in as many ways as possible.

As part of the community

  • As part of the community, I have regularly given time to local green projects including Abundance, Incredible Edible Oxford and OxGrow.
  • I am currently contributing to a growing project on the canal.
  • I also have a 8 year old food forest where I keep bees.
  • When possible I also give acupuncture to community projects and charities at a reduced rate.  If you know of a group that might benefit from acupuncture, please let me know.

Joe Jennings Acupuncturist in OxfordJoe Jennings, practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine