My experience as a practitioner of complementary and alternative medicine


Acupuncturist Joe Jennings was working with patients in Florence Park as part of a two-week health and wellbeing festival Picture: Ric Mellis 26/8/2019

I am an experienced and dedicated acupuncturist and practitioner of complementary and alternative medicine. So far, I have been practising acupuncture and Chinese medicine for over a decade.  I love empowering people to understand their bodies while discovering the joys of living a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I also take pride in being able to make my work as accessible as possible.

As a complementary medicine therapist, I am able to access a wide variety of knowledge while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.

I am experienced at treating a wide range of conditions. Unfortunately I cannot say which as the advertising standards authority won’t let me. If you would like to know, however, please get in touch.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Middlesex University, where I received a 1st class Honours.  I have also received an award for excellence from the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.