Low-cost Acupuncture in Oxford and Abingdon

low cost acupuncture oxfordSince becoming a practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, all those years ago, it has frustrated me that such an effective and beneficial medicine is not accessible to everyone. The necessary cost of one-to-one sessions is prohibitively expensive for many people, especially as the vast majority of cases take more than one session to resolve.

Over the years I have been pondering how best to address this. I have worked in drug and rehab centres, where it was free for service users. I worked with Mind doing group sessions that, as the room was provided for free, I was able to keep prices down. But all of the places I have worked have relied upon a free room and either funding from the service or reduced rates from me, which can only work for a few hours a week.

affordable acupuncture oxford

Well now I have finally found a way that works for everyone. I am able to pay room rates, pay myself and, most importantly, keep prices extremely low. By far the most affordable acupuncture in Oxfordshire, under half the price of the cheapest community clinic I am aware of.

I am able to do this by using a multi-bed, community clinic approach, automating booking and collecting as much information from the patient before the session to streamline the clinic on the day. As a result I can keep the quality of the acupuncture, and the effectiveness high, and the price at an affordable level. Just £16.50 per session and without having to charge extra for the initial session!

I specialise in stress, aches and pains, headaches and migraines, insomnia and anxiety and depression. For all of these conditions acupuncture is known to be effective and many of them are recommended by international health institutes, including the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (which advises the NHS on what treatments are appropriate for certain conditions) and the World Health Organisation. For more information on the research into acupuncture and other conditions it is effective for please visit my blog

Affordable acupuncture in oxford

If you would like to ask me about any of the above conditions or any other conditions, as acupuncture has an even wider range of conditions it is effective for, please get in touch with me. I am always happy to chat through any questions or concerns you may have before booking.

So why not give acupuncture a chance! To find out more about the low-cost community acupuncture clinic please visit the booking page

Of course if you find that this approach isn’t for you, you are more than welcome to switch to one-to-one sessions at any point.

I currently run community clinics in the Dean Court Community Centre on Mondays, Florence Park Community Centre on Tuesdays, Abindgon Guildhall on Wednesdays and facilitate another on Thursdays, where Georgia treats.