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Acupuncture included in The National Institute of Clinical Excellence’s latest depression guidelines

The National Institue of Clinical Excellence is about to release updated guidelines for depression, and acupuncture is included!   The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), the group that advises the NHS on effective treatment strategies is updating it’s guidelines of depression and acupuncture has got a mention. The good news: NICE, ‘agreed that [acupuncture has] potentially promising results’. The less good news: No guidelines have been issues for acupuncture. This is a shame as [...]

Our Inner Microbiome – How bacteria make or break our health

In this blog I will delve into the depths of our gut, presenting what we know about our inner microbiome and what research is discovering about its health implications.  This is quite a long post as there is so much to say about gut health.  To keep it attractive I figured I would add lots of images of what gut bacteria almost certainly do not look like.  Enjoy! What we know about our inner microbiome [...]

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Acupuncture as an anaesthetic in open heart surgery

Anaesthesia is one of acupuncture's many curious traditional uses.  The idea of acupuncture as an anaesthetic in open heart surgery might sound odd or surprising.  But the use of acupuncture as an anaesthetic goes a long way towards showing just how powerful and effective it can be.  Studies into using acupuncture as an anaesthetic show that it can have beneficial results. If I ever needed heart surgery, which I hope I won’t (see my previous [...]

Acupuncture prevents cell death in the brain

Researchers in China have discovered yet another benefit of acupuncture, in a recent study on high blood pressure.  They investigated the effects of acupuncture at a specific point on rats with high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.  They showed that acupuncture reduces cell death in the brain by lowering blood pressure, which confirms previous studies.  Their new discovery was that acupuncture prevents cell death in the brain by also changing the expression of genes [...]

Acupuncture for mental health

Mental ill-health is becoming a larger and larger issue.  It's close to my heart, as I've suffered myself. Mental ill-health The most common forms of mental ill-health are anxiety and depression.  These conditions can affect anyone.  Two thirds of us suffer with these conditions at least once in our lives, to the extent that we're unable to continue with our general routine.  Of course, we all have low times, for instance around strong emotional events [...]

Acupuncture for veterans in America – Democrats submit bill

An American politician has just submitted a bill to make acupuncture available in veterans' health centres.  Representative Judy Chu, a Democrat of California, introduced the bill, called ‘Acupuncture for Our Heroes Act’.  It aims to provide acupuncture for veterans to help with the variety of mental and physical health conditions they suffer.  If passed, it will make access to acupuncture a legal right for all veterans. Acupuncture for veterans - 'safe and non-addictive pain relief' [...]

Acupuncture for constipation provides lasting relief

Acupuncture for constipation? A recent editorial in the Annals of Palliative Medicine discusses the results of acupuncture for constipation, and considers why it provides lasting relief.  536 patients participated in the largest study discussed.  The average improvement of bowel movements was from 0.4 per week to 2.6.  This effect remained at a 12 week follow-up. The results were controlled against placebo 'acupuncture', which only improved regularity to 1.3 movements a week.  Most patients with constipation [...]

Hay fever and Chinese medicine

Spring has sprung, the flowers and blossom are poking through and I’ve even started to see frogspawn popping up in ponds.  For most people this is a joyful time.  We remember that winter does actually end and that brighter, longer and warmer days are possible. However, for 1 in 5 people across the UK, and, I’d wager, more in Oxfordshire, a dread looms around the corner.  Hay fever season! It is particularly bad in Oxford [...]

The Liver in Chinese medicine

Spring is on its way. As the seasons change so too does our system change. In Chinese medicine we have 5 phases, or 5 elements, that correspond to the different seasons. Spring is linked with the Wood element. Thus, as in nature, in our body after a quiet, more introspective winter we come into the burst of spring energy, growth, and development. New plans start to get into motion, seeds are sown and the yearly [...]

Acupuncture for Back Pain

The benefits of acupuncture for back pain are well known. Back pain is one of the most common health issues around. Everyone will experience some degree of it in their life, and it is one of the main reasons for sick leave. In the UK alone 1.1 million people suffer from back pain, and it costs the NHS roughly a billion pounds a year. Acupuncture can relieve a wide variety of pain conditions Acupuncture for [...]