I’ve finally done it! We’ve become carbon positive! The first acupuncture practice to do so in the world, as far as I am aware. I’m so happy and proud to of finally been able to make my work more sustainable.

I am so nervous about our future on this planet, you only need a brief look at the news these days to see the climate breakdown and ecological collapse that is only escalating all around us. Governments are missing in action and multinationals and their lobbiests are pretending nothing has or is changing.

But people are coming together, things are changing and projects of all shapes and sizes are popping up all over the world to give us hope.

To make Holistic Health carbon positive I had to off-set. This isn’t an ideal situation, but will be essential for me ongoing as I am unable to do much about the products I use, currently. Hygiene standards must be followed and only certain products are on the market. I am happy to say eco needles now exist, made from recycled materials and all of the packaging is now, finally, recyclable. These will be the only needles I will use from now on, as long as I can continue to source them, and should be the direction of the profession. I will continue to push for more sustainability from my suppliers. I will also be encouraging my colleges to account for their carbon and decarbonise as much as possible.

But plenty is possible before off-setting. My targets for the year are to push the spaces I rent to get a green energy supplier, most to but two don’t and that accounts for about a quarter of my emissions! The other area I plan to reduce is travel, about a third of my emissions. I already cycle a lot (it is my main source of transport), but I will make sure I use electric cars when I have to drive and avoid longer journeys where I can as well. Public transport will also be a priority when I can use it.

That will reduce a good chunk of my carbon emissions. My next plan is to make sure we are zero waste to landfill. I think we are close, especially if we use the econeedles. I will also be monitoring our plastic use, again, reducing where we can!

For 2019 my off-setting went to a biodiversity project in Panama. It is home to 15 red-list, endangered species, including three-toed sloths. Like the one above! Find out more about the project here, and how to off-set for yourself, its really easy and affordable.

Check out my full report for 2019